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Joost uses massage, traditional Chinese herbs and dynamic stretching to perform non-surgical healing

What I Treat

At Joost’s Sports Injury clinic we treat a wide variety of common sports injuries. These range from damage caused by rolling or twisting ankles, knee cartilage and meniscus damage to all kinds and levels of back pain including bulging and herniated discs, muscle strains, sciatic pain and neck and shoulder pain or injuries. Other common sports injuries treated include tennis and golfers’ elbow and frozen shoulders.

I came to Joost with bulging discs and inflamed nerves in my lower lumbar spine along with other complications and through Joost’s treatments I am now pain free!
Joost describes his treatments and goals clearly and he can still make me laugh even when it hurts – it works for me!!
Joost uses his sound knowledge of physiology, exercise, diet and common sense to provide a holistic approach to improve the quality of life for his clients
Deb G – Mooloolaba

I was recommended to Joost as I had been suffering from a thigh strain for 3 weeks, and was struggling to play soccer. I found Joost’s treatments both relaxing and professional, but more importantly it was a great experience as within an hour of my first treatment I could feel the pain relieved and the muscles looser!!
Highly recommend Joost’s treatments, I can’t believe I put up with the pain for that long!!
Ali R – Woombye Soccer Club

I had chronic neck pain and spasms effecting my ability to walk, lift over my head and sleep for at least 18 months before a friend recommended I see Joost. The treatments I received from Joost have made a significant difference to my everyday function. Previously I’d had many other treatments and was struggling to improve, however treatments with Joost have meant that at last I can now get back into my active life!!
Joost is professional, goal orientated, focused on your specific problem and seeks perfection with all his outcomes, and Yes, I would definitely recommend if you are seeking resolution!
Peta S – Buderim

Through Joost’s very caring and compassionate therapy, after 8 years of constant pain I have finally received amazing relief to my ankle joint (triple fracture) and am able to walk with no pain after just a handful of treatments. Joost has also treated my knee after 2 arthroscopies and that too feels wonderful after just a few treatments.
Joost has given me confidence to walk stably again and he has also been able to improve my mobility after multiple setbacks. Additionally through his holistic approach to treatments I have learned a great deal from him about managing my injury and pain.
Carole M – Perigian Springs

I had a severe shoulder injury for at least 6 months before being referred to Joost and after my initial treatment I was confident that Joost could fix the injury that others before couldn’t, and I was right!!
I found Joost’s treatments to be extremely effective and more importantly they were structured so I always knew and felt how we were progressing.
Simon B – Castaways Beach, Noosa

I had been suffering from neck, upper back and occasional headache issues for a while and in moderate constant pain and discomfort before a work colleague – who had been treated previously by Joost – suggested I see him.
After just one treatment I felt lighter and more free as though the blood was circulating to my brain again! Joost’s treatments are most definitely effective, and the whole experience is very positive…. I feel so much better already, I will definitely be coming back in the future and have no reservations about recommending him to my friends and family.
Loren B – Coolum

I had lower back pain for as long as I can remember often with pain reaching up to 10 out of 10 for long periods. I have tried a variety of treatments over the years but with little effect, however after just 2 treatments with Joost my pain is gone, my life is now peaceful and painless.
I can categorically say that if you want to get your pain under control, a treatment with Joost is a must!!
Harri Kolokotas

I came to Joost with a bulging disc which has plagued me for the best part of 30 years! The treatment with Joost has been very therapeutic and a great part of my over-all successful re-hab.
He has great hands and has been able to pinpoint and treat the problem areas as well as related areas.
I can definitely recommend Joost and personally will continue to use his skills as part of the long term management of my back injury.
Winslow Leveque

I’ve suffered from chronic back pain for over 20 years and had found no respite until I had a treatment with Joost. His treatment was immediately pain relieving as he accurately targeted the areas which had caused me most discomfort.
If you are experiencing any muscle pain or discomfort then you need to book a consultation with Joost, he knows his stuff!
Karate Master 7th Dan – Sunshine Coast

I have been to Joost twice now for back and shoulder pain which were severe. Joost not only helped rectify the problem but also helped me with life coaching and wisdom!! Thanks Joost, my visits to you have been much appreciated and life-changing!!
Rob S – Buderim

After 10 years of pain and discomfort I met Joost and tried his Chinese therapies in the hope of relieving some of the pain and stiffness in my knee and I am very happy with the results. Joost offers detailed explanations and his treatments are always results driven with an end objective. His manner is relaxed and the sessions are fun, though sometimes challenging but ultimately successful. As I have experienced the benefits I have no problem referring friends, family and colleagues and have already on a number of occasions and will continue to do so.

Thanks Joost and keep up the good work!!

Sid – Perigian Beach, Sunshine Coast

Hello Joost,
I am so pleased that I called you when I discovered that I had a posterior bulging disc in L4/5. After only a week of your regular treatments, I am pain free again! I cannot thank you enough! And even though I am
injury free, I’ll keep coming to see you for regular maintenance anyway. Amber

I damaged my shoulder during a training course in 2008 and have tried many different treatment methods to attain full function during that time with minimal success. For years, the pain in my right shoulder has been slowly getting worse. It had reached a point where I couldnt lift anything with my right arm, and sleeping on my right side was no longer just uncomfortable, but impossible. Over the years, I have also had recurring problems with my knees, ankles, hip and lower back, which has reduced my activities and imposed restrictions in movement.

I had not come across Joost’s style of Sports Injury Treatments before but thought it worth a try. When I finally approached Joost to help with my shoulder and the other problems I was not confident that anything would change but was prepared to give it a go. How wrong was I in just two short months I can happily say that Joost’s treatment has worked and I am now back to my training and enjoying full function in my shoulder without pain. It has opened my eyes to a completely new world of healing, and I have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending Joost’s services to anyone.

Thank you Joost.


I first met Joost while I was training for the Sport Aerobics National Championships in September 2010 I had worked hard all year to attain a place in the Queensland Team and two weeks prior to our departure, I injured my knee and it looked like I may not be able to attend, which was devastating.

My Mother took me to Joost, he worked his magic, and I am happy to announce that he was able to repair the damage to my knee and I was able to compete without experiencing any problems and I have been able to continue my training without any recurrence of the pain I was experiencing prior to Joosts treatment.

Thanks so much Joost.


I suffered lower back pain from bulging discs and sciatic nerve pain for around 18 months and on the occasions I visited Joost when the pain was so severe, I got relief after all treatments.
My visits to Joost are always enjoyable and the treatments are always carried out in a friendly manner in relaxed and comfortable surroundings
George Tuck – Caloundra

When I returned from a recent overseas trip I noticed how my feet ached. I asked my yoga teacher for her recommendation to a masseuse with integrity. She didn’t hesitate to recommend Joost. My first treatment was nurturing and supporting. Three sessions after that, not only had my sore feet been calmed, but Joost had sorted out old mis-alignments in my body I had been ignoring or accepted as permanent. Now I can turn my head freely without grating. I feel more balanced and repaired. I am so grateful for Joost’s integrity and ability. His services I can sincerely recommend.

Susan Raine Psychologist Pty Ltd
BSc. Pgrad.Dip.Pro.Psych
Dip.Clin.Hyp. M.Psych (Clinical)

Susan Raine

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