About Joost

About Joost


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As an athlete and primarily passionate footballer for as long as I can remember, carrying injuries had been a way of life and so having spent 14 years working in the Sport and leisure industry, it has been a very natural and seemless transition for me to seek to rid people of pain and injury.

My journey into the healing arts originally began when I trained in India as an Ayurvedic Massage Therapist and established my clinic here on the Sunshine Coast 9 years ago.

After meeting Sifu Paul Brennan and receiving treatments for a niggling long standing injury – which had baffled a wide range of Health professionals – I was invited to become his student and to learn the amazing techniques associated with Chinese Sports Medicine.

The journey of learning has been truly awe inspiring as I have witnessed first hand the phenomenal healing abilities of this ancient medicinal wisdom and watched as seemingly complex injuries have been teased out and resolved simply by locating the injury and stimulating the body’s own innate ability to heal.

I feel truly blessed being the recipient of this precious jewel of learning and even more so with each person who leaves my clinic pain-free!

I am delighted to say that I am a student of life and of this amazing vehicle the human body we each inhabit and my goal and inspiration is to help all who seek a painfree existence and quality of life, to achieve their dream.