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Whether you’re an amateur or a professional athlete; engage in rigorous or low-impact movement; play often or from time to time; missing out on your favourite activities because of sport injuries can be very frustrating. Sport injuries could not only ruin your day, but with increasing severity, they could put you out on the bench for weeks living in a state of constant pain.

Observing the “conventional” pathway, we’ve seen athletes go through the medical system using painkillers, the numerous prescriptions, and in some cases, surgery. While it may all help in time, they also have side effects and sometimes these side effects create more problems beyond the original sport injury. If you knew a way to get back to your optimal health, a life without pain, as quickly as possible that didn’t involve potent cocktails of painkillers, poor sleep quality and a long healing process, wouldn’t you jump at it?

Drawing from centuries of wisdom and experience, Chinese Medicine isn’t just an ‘alternative’ medicine. This holistic approach, can work independently and also in conjunction with Western medicine.

Usually symptoms are treated as inflammation rather than the root of the problem. With traditional Chinese Medicine – which views the pain as an imbalance or disorder to the body’s natural state – areas in relation to the injury are also attended to. It not only works locally at the site of the problem but systemically to encourage the body’s own self healing processes. With this approach to the treatments of Sport Injuries, internal harmony can be restored, leading to the reduction of pain, relaxation and restoring function to those areas that were injured. Depending on the sports injury, it is recommended that some treatments be repeated over a few consecutive days to aid in a speedy recovery and healing process, it’s important that you see through the course of time needed for maximum results.

Historically, the treatment of ‘sports’ injuries evolved from both martial arts practice and the treatment of battle injuries. You might think that traditional Chinese Medicine is based on fluff and has no business with ‘real’ healing. But with more than three thousand years of history behind it, a growing following of people who will testify to its effectiveness and even Western medical practices beginning to incorporate it into their treatments, for many ailments such as sports injuries, Chinese Medicine is proving to give results and positive healing.

Sprains, back pain, knee pain, neck and shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, or whatever the injury, acute or chronic, you can heal safely without drugs and reduce the need for surgery with Chinese Medicine. By locating the precise areas injuries and encouraging the body’s natural ability to heal, through Chinese medicine, one can return to doing whatever their physical injury once prevented them from doing to the best of their ability.

At Joost’s Sport Injury Clinic, creating a life without pain is attainable. Don’t let sport injuries keep you from enjoying life. Opening up to eastern medicine doesn’t mean you’re giving up on western medicine, it’s simply giving you another opportunity to facilitate physical healing and spiritual growth. Give Joost a call now or make a reservation now.

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